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Featured Web-based Systems

Employer Interfaces are web-based programs, which employers use to: Enter job orders, Search our database for applicants with skill matches, Use their computer keyboard to record questions
for specific jobs.

Job Seeker Interfaces are website tools which, among other functions, allow applicants to use any telephone, at any time of day or night, to hear and answer job specific interview questions, recorded by our employers.

Non Profit staff and clients benefit from the cutting edge technology provided. Up to 80% of staff time, normally spent on admin tasks, is freed up with our innovative case and contact management functions. That, ultimately, leaves more time to actually help clients.


College Career Service Departments have found our staff and applicant systems especially helpful in empowering students and tracking staff interventions and outcomes.

Training Companies' job placement efforts are monitored and enhanced. Students' directed and self-directed job searches are powered up, with our exciting web-based application. And there's a complete workshop (class) scheduling and tracking program.