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The Right System For Your Organization


Whether you are a Non Profit, College or Training Company, the Outcomes™ Staff Interface is an appropriate choice for you. It's extremely user-friendly, has vast modular program capability and integrates with both Applicant (student) and Employer interfaces.


Below are a few system features.



Case and Contact Management

The applicant case note section is one of our most effective time saving devices. It will, literally, save hundreds of man-hours, normally spent on administrative duties, and free up that time for more productive use. How it works: There are dozens of system case notes, which are automatically generated when you perform a system function. Like refer an applicant for a job or update their personal information. There's an auto note program for repetitive tasks, which allows users to enter a whole case note with one mouse click. There's a similar referral program, which enters the entire applicant referral to one of your partners or affiliates, including a dynamic instruction sheet. Again, accomplished with one mouse click.

Applicant Job Match

Our applicant job matching (search) feature is available to system users and employers (if you choose to empower them). Search parameters are the applicant job skills profile: Hard & Soft Skills, Experience Level, Certifications, Job Experience, Industry Experience, Language Fluency, Education, Salary Required, Geographic Work Area. There's also a sophisticated resume keyword search.

Form Generator

There are numerous interactive forms in each applicant file: Consent Form, Interview Feedback (assessment) Form, Employment Verification, Financial Assessment, Vocational Assessment, Applicant (program) Eligibility (calculator) Form, Practice Interview Questions, Refugee Intake, Comparative Status, and 5 different customizable Surveys. And additional custom forms are available.

Applicant Resumes and Cover Letters

Up to 4 of each can be stored. There are step-by-step wizards for creation. Or you can copy and paste or upload MS Word (or other wordprocessor) documents.


There are numerous (over 100) reports in the system, many in MS Excel format for maximum flexibility. And just about any custom statistical report you can dream up, we can create for you.

Job Bank

There's a complete, interactive centralized job bank. Your job developers or employers (if you empower them) can create job orders. Applicants can apply or case manager can refer them. The entire process, from job referral to applicant hire to job retention checking, is automated. And, to save typing, system generated case notes record the whole process.


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