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1- Pentium class PCs (NO MACs) for System Users (15" minimum monitor suggested) MS Windows Operating System


2- High Speed Internet Access (DSL, Cable, FIOS, T1 or Above)


3- Browser MUST BE Microsoft Internet Explorer (I.E. 6.0 recommended) NO FIREFOX


4- All Popup Blockers Turned Off (ALWAYS ALLOW POPUPS FROM


5- Microsoft Word - For uploading and working on some Applicant resumes.


6- Microsoft Excel (2003 or later) - For Some Reports


7- Java Script Enabled (Setting in I.E. Tools)


8- Adobe Acrobat Reader Plugin (Free Software) for PDF printing


9- Flash Plugin (Free Software) For Audio Video Tutorials


10- Windows Media-Player (Ships with Windows) s/b set as default media viewer. Not Real Player.




Internet Explorer Setting Suggestions: Open I.E. and...


1-Click: File / Page Setup... / Set your Left and Right Print Margins to 0.25 inches / Click: OK  

This will help when printing long spreadsheet reports and other wide pages.


2-Click: Tools / Internet Options... / 'Advanced' tab / UNCHECK... "Show friendly HTTP error messages" / Click: OK

This will help us support you, on the off chance that something you do in the system sends you an error message.


3-Go to URL: Click: File / rollover 'Send' / Click: Shortcut to Desktop

This will give you a shortcut to login to your system.




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